RGB LED Ring for Classis BM 3x series

The BMR LED ring is used in conjunction with boundary microphones of the Classis BM 3x series. It is used to indicate the status in tele or video conferences and illuminates in different colours. The BMR is controlled via a media control system or the logic output of a DSP mixer. The BMR LED ring is supplied with a light conductor and a housing containing the PCB.


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_BMR_DE_A2.pdf (783.94 KB)


MAN_BMR_DE-EN-FR.pdf (161.24 KB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_BMR_EN_A2.pdf (783.28 KB)


MOV_BM-to-BMR-installation_13-11_DE_720p.mp4 (87.48 MB)


MOV_BM-to-BMR-installation_13-11_EN_720p.mp4 (87.50 MB)

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