Classis BM 42 B

Boundary Microphone (half-cardioid) with 3 m (9.8 ft) cable with free ends, black

The Classis BM 42 is a small condenser boundary microphone with a semi-cardioid polar pattern. The robust housing is of a highquality design and covered with a very exclusive, dust repellent fabric. Due to the linear frequency response the microphone can be used for a number of applications, for which a microphone mounted on a stand cannot be used. The matt, non-glare surface allows integrating the Classis BM 42 discretely into each installation placing the microphone on conference tables, lecterns, round tables or on altars. It also can be used on theatre stages or for live recordings. The integrated high pass filter reduces low-frequency noise from tables and other.
The principle of a directional boundary microphone has several advantages:

  • The semi-cardioid polar pattern of the Classis BM 42 provides in contrast to standard boundary microphones a better gain-beforefeedback and reduces ambient noise.
  • The increase of the sound pressure at a boundary results in a higher gain, signal-to-noise ratio and comb filter effects cannot occur.

The Classis BM 42 is available in matt black or white.


  • Semi-cardioid
  • RFI-proof due Scudio™ technology
  • High-quality non-glare design
  • Linear frequency response
  • High gain before feedback
  • Reduced diffuse room noise
  • Suitable for miking speech


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)


MAN_Classis-BM42_DE-EN-FR_A2.pdf (225.48 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_BM4x_EN_EU.pdf (56.74 KB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Classis-BM42_EN_A2.pdf (844.82 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Classis-BM4-PZ-A1_16-03_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.dwg (374.06 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Classis-BM4-PZ-A1_16-03_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.DXF (386.00 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Classis-BM4-PZ-A1_16-03_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_ (78.91 KB)

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