Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Iran

The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) is an intergovernmental organization involving 7 Asian and 3 Eurasian nations, part of the south-central Asian union. ECO secretariat and cultural department are located in Tehran / Iran. The ECO main building in Tehran is located in the north of the city in “Kamranieh“area. 

In the main conference room a MCS-Digital conference system with 28 microphone units using Revoluto technology with voting and language selector options has been installed, together with camera control via iCNS software and four MCS-D 202 interpreter units. The interpreted languages can also be heard through an IR wireless system with 82 SIR 320 receivers.


The Revoluto Technology:

Compared to a gooseneck microphone, the microphone units with the patented Revoluto technology provide in most applications a corridor characteristic and more comfort while speaking. There is no need to adjust a gooseneck microphone and the voice range is much wider. Whether you lean backwards, stand up or turn your head, the quality of the intelligibility always remains the same with Revoluto.


Pajouhesh Gostar Ertebat Fadak Group-Iran

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