Isfahan ICCIMA

Pajouhesh Gostar Systemhaye Novin have installed the Orbis wired conference system from beyerdynamic in the new administrative building of the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) in Isfahan.
Supporting 4,426 members, ICCIMA is the second largest chamber in Iran. Among other things, it offers its members a consultancy programme in management, marketing and macro economy, to enable them to compete in the global market.
The new administrative building borders the existing main building and is situated near the famous Khaju Bridge and Zayanderood River. On the top floor, conferences are to take place with various organisations, as well as local, national and international government and judicial bodies.

A modern and reliable AV solution was required for this. The decision was made to install an Orbis conference system, which can be integrated in the table and thus does not affect the room’s particular look.

Sharir Montamedi explains: “Orbis could be optimally adapted to the customer’s requirements and the room conditions. The user only sees the Piezo button for switching the microphone on or off – this guarantees intuitive operation. Combined with the vertical Revoluto array microphones, the user can freely move forwards and backwards and still be sure of maximum speech intelligibility.”

Mr Rastegari, Senior Manager of ICCIMA, says: “We are very satisfied with the result and would like to thank Pajouesh Gostar for their dedication and great service.”

Deployed beyerdynamic equipment:

Orbis wired conference system with system unit and Piezo button for remote “under the table” installations
1x Control unit Orbis CU
1x 19‘‘ rack mount kit for Orbis CU
27x System unit Orbis SU 63
27x Classis RM 31 Q array microphone
27x Shockmount fixture ZSH 20 for Classis RM 31 Q
27x Piezo button CA OP 2
1x Piezo button CA OP 2 C with “Clear” symbol
1x Piezo button CA OP 2 F with “Func” symbol
1x Wireless system Opus 669

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