NDMC Conference Centre, India

Conference centre in India provided with 350 Revoluto microphone units

In October 2010 India will be the site of the Commonwealth Games which take place every 4 years. For this reason the new NDMC conference centre in New Delhi, India was built and opened in July 2010.

The auditorium was equipped with the wired MCS-Digital conference system consisting of 350 Revoluto MCS-D 3121 H microphone units. The tables were manufactured with appropriate holes in the tables to integrate the microphone units. The H version comes with cable connections at the bottom that allow a discreet installation without the cables being visible.

Redundant System Design

The system design was done based on the requirement to get the highest reliability possible. This is realized by the redundant cabling between the control unit and all microphones on the floor and on the stage. With this system design the failure of one unit has no effect on the operation of the conference system. Even the replacement of a faulty unit is possible without affecting the running conference system.

Installation: June 2010

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