Federal Assembly, Germany

The Federal Assembly in Berlin is the constitutional body of the Federal Republic of Germany and enables the federal states to play a part in legislation, administration and in affairs of the EU. Thus the interests and independence of the states are represented in the political decision-making process of the whole country. The Federal Assembly has its headquarters in a former Prussian manor house in the middle of Berlin.

Its historic plenary hall was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, and was thoroughly renovated between 1997 and 2000 during the country’s reconstruction. Now, thanks to a high glass roof and lots of daylight, the hall radiates a tranquil, modern and pleasant working atmosphere.

Longstanding beyerdynamic partner Fleischhauer was commissioned with the modernisation of the Federal Assembly’s audio technology in 2015. Microphones were required that provide optimum speech intelligibility while being inconspicuous and space-saving.

Practical tests proved that vertical array microphones by the German audio specialists beyerdynamic from Heilbronn were the best solution. The horizontal polar pattern of the microphones provides a much larger area for speech reception when compared to conventional gooseneck microphones. The speaker does not have to adhere to one direction of speaking or to the usual close proximity to the microphone and, therefore, can move freely and still be heard clearly. Two people can also share one single microphone, which saves costs and space.

These numerous benefits are made possible by the patented Revoluto principle, which is based upon microphone array technology that sees several microphone capsules lined up in a row.

Now, 71 beyerdynamic Classis RM 31 Q microphones are being successfully deployed to make discussions during the Federal Assembly’s sessions orderly and intelligible.

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