beyerdynamic audio solutions for GS1 México

S1 México is an association dedicated to impulse commerce in Mexico by creating certifications and standards that all affiliated companies must observe. This includes code bars, guidelines of retail packaging and rules on competition, etc. GS1 México serves various associated organisations such as department and retail stores, product manufacturers and more.

Because they hold many audioconferences (either by telephone or via the internet) that require the best possible intelligibility and audio quality, GS1 México decided to invest in state-of-the-art solutions to fulfil these needs and beyerdynamic was their choice, together with other top manufacturers.

Four rooms were equipped with MPR 210 W ceiling microphones with Revoluto array- technology and a Quinta system with Quinta TH handheld transmitters in each room. Furthermore, as three of the rooms can be merged into one, three Revoluto microphones and two Quinta TH transmitters were acquired to accommodate this. The fourth meeting room is the council hall, in which four Revoluto microphones were installed as well as one Quinta system consisting of three handheld transmitters. Additionally, two sets of TG 500 wireless microphones were purchased for training purposes, together with three Phonum Bluetooth® speakerphones. These are to be used in different meeting rooms, either at the Mexico City headquarters or the city of Monterrey facilities.

TG 500