Nikolaisaal Potsdam, Germany

“Are you aware of what your hear?” The organisers of concerts of the Nikolaisaal Potsdam (Germany) ask this exciting question in their current event programme. The versatile offer of the Nikolaisaal addresses classical concertgoers as well as open-minded newcomers. Thus, the organisers also offer a series of events that makes music more tangible by background information.

By talking with music critics and transmission of their live commentaries concerts can be experienced in a new way during the event. Classical music is brought closer to school classes by visiting rehearsals and background information during the rehearsal. In a guided musical tour through Potsdam with explanations about the subject “Listening”, the participants experience concerts in a new way and in audio experiments they learn how the hearing works.

beyerdynamic’s wireless Synexis system is used for the transmission of all these moderations. For the transmission of the comments from the editorial booth there are stationary transmitters installed in the Nikolaisaal. For guided tours, beltpack transmitters and neckworn microphones are used. The participants get a receiver with a single-sided earphone. People with hearing aids and cochlea implants (CI) receive mobile induction loops for wearing around the neck instead of in-ear headphones. When selecting the “T position” at the hearing aid / CI the information is inductively and directly transmitted to the hearing aid / CI.


Customer and implementation:
Musikfestspiele Sanssouci and Nikolaisaal Potsdam gGmbH, Potsdam / Germany

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