Iris C40

Charging and Storage Case

The Iris C40 charging and transport case has been designed for charging, storing and transportation of 40 Iris RP receivers. The Iris RP receiver is provided with two charging contacts which come into contact with the charger’s contact points when a receiver is inserted into one of the compartments.
LEDs indicate the charging status: Red = battery charging is in process; green = the battery is charged. The charger is integrated in a rugged case. The transport case can be locked.

• Lockable
• Removable lid
• Foldaway carrying handle
• 40 charging compartments
• LEDs to indicate the charging status of the rechargeable batteries
• With power supply unit

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Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)


MAN_Iris_DE-EN-FR_A4.pdf (2.95 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_Iris_EN_EF.pdf (2.66 MB)

Spec Sheet

IrisC40_DB_E.pdf (568.38 KB)

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