Infrared Control Unit

The Iris TS control unit is used within the Iris conference system for the transmission of maximal 16 audio channels by infrared light. The audio signal is converted into frequency modulated infrared light and then transmitted with the Iris EF radiators which are directly connected to the Iris TS control unit. The original (OR) and a maximum of 15 target languages can simultaneously be transmitted on different carrier frequencies by narrow band frequency modulation. LEDs indicate the appropriate status: channel on and audio signal present. Up to 30 Iris EF radiators can be connected to the Iris TS control unit.

  • DQPSK digital modulation technology
  • Band IV operation between 2 and 6 MHz
  • Up to 16 channels
  • Infrared does not pass through walls, therefore signals cannot be overheard
  • Suitable for the use in conference rooms or outside
  • In compliance with the international IEC 61603-7 standard
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