MCS-D 3871

Built-in delegate unit with Revoluto technology, channel selector, display, voting option, 2-way extended loudspeaker system, "NetRateBus" conference network, Push-Pull connection

Picture 1:
> Standard
Picture 2 - possibilities with the MCS-D 38xx-series:
> Integrated in the table with mounting frame to cover the gap in the table, special colour is also possible
> Integrated in the table with individual cover plate, without mounting frame
Picture 3:
> Example: MCS-D 38xx-series individual colour whitealuminium
Picture 4:
> Example: MCS-D 38xx-series finished by the customer / furniture manufacturer with a special veneer

The Revoluto integrated microphone units expand the versatile range of microphones available for use with the MCS-Digital conferencing system. These units can be concealed in the table and opened out as required. This is made possible by the patented Revoluto technology, which removes the need for gooseneck microphones. Featuring a high quality Nextel® dark-black coating, the units can be integrated aesthetically into desktops of varying materials. If required, the cover surface can be finished by the customer with a special veneer to match the table surface, allowing the technology to be integrated discreetly in any conference table.

• Fold-away built-in microphone unit
• Fully digital audio transmission and control
• Revoluto Microphone Array Technology
• Corridor characteristic
• Integrated two-way speakers
• Headphone socket
• Alpha numeric LC display, approx. 48 x 12 mm: 2 lines / 12 characters; character height: 5 mm
• Five voting buttons
• Four navigator buttons for channel selection and volume control of a connected headphone
• Microphone button for switching the microphone on and off and requesting to speak
• LED near the microphone button indicates that the participant is requesting to speak or the microphone unit is in ready-to-talk mode
• NetRateBus conference sockets (push-pull) for connection in the MCS-Digital conference system
• Chip card reader for authentication
• Sturdy housing


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_MCS-D38xx_EN_FCC.pdf (90.27 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_MCS-D38xx_EN_EU.pdf (383.93 KB)


MAN_MCSD38xx_DE-EN_A2.pdf (906.84 KB)

Spec Sheet

MCSD3871_DB_E_A2.pdf (775.86 KB)

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