1. Usage Guitar
  1. TG 1000 Product Family
    Digital wireless system for professional use
  2. TG 500 Product Family
    Wireless system for smaller stage performances
  3. TG 510 Instrument Set
    Set consisting of TG 500B, Instrumental cable WA-CGI and TG 500 SR
  4. TG 500DR
    Dual receiver for wireless system TG 500
  5. TG 500SR
    Single receiver for wireless system TG 500
  6. TG 500B
    Beltpack transmitter for wireless system TG 500
  7. TG Wireless Manager
    Software to monitor and control wireless systems with a network interface
  8. TG 1000 Beltpack Transmitter
    Beltpack transmitter for digital wireless system TG 1000
  9. TG 1000 Dual Receiver
    Digital UHF True Diversity Receiver, 319 MHz bandwidth
  10. WA-CD
    NiMH charger with 4 charging slots for TG 1000 & TG 500 transmitters and Quinta TH
  11. WA-ATO
    Passive omnidirectional wideband antenna
  12. WA-ATDA
    active directional wideband antenna
  13. WA-ZAPD1
    passive 2-way antenna combiner
  14. WA-AS6/2
    6-way Wideband Antenna Splitter / 2-way Combiner for BNC Wireless Systems
  15. WA-AS4
    4-way Wideband Antenna Splitter for Wireless Systems
  16. WA-AC
    Aircell 7 antenna cable, BNC
  17. MS 50
    MS 50 Wallmount set
  18. WA-CKL60
    RG 58 cable kit, BNC
  19. WA-ADF
    rear to front adapter, BNC
  20. WA-CGI
    instrument cable for Opus and TG Beltpack Transmitters
  21. WA-ATDA 1G8
    Active directional antenna

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