1. Usage PA measurement
  2. Product family TG 1000 Digital Wireless System

  1. TG 1000 Product Family
    Digital wireless system for professional use
  2. TG Wireless Manager
    Software to monitor and control wireless systems with a network interface
  3. TG MM1w
    Interchangeable measurement microphone capsule for TG 1000 handheld transmitters
  4. TG 1000 Dual Receiver
    Digital UHF True Diversity Receiver, 319 MHz bandwidth
  5. WA-CD
    NiMH charger with 4 charging slots for TG 1000 transmitters and Quinta TH
  6. WA-ATO
    Passive omnidirectional wideband antenna
  7. WA-ATDA
    active directional wideband antenna
  8. WA-ZAPD1
    passive 2-way antenna combiner
  9. WA-AS6/2
    6-way Wideband Antenna Splitter / 2-way Combiner for BNC Wireless Systems

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