Orbis SU 63

System Unit
  • Use as chairman or delegate microphone unit possible
  • Shielded metal housing for remote installation
  • Phoenix® connectors for buttons, microphone, headphone and loudspeaker
  • Two RJ45 sockets to connect the system unit to the control unit or another microphone unit/system unit
  • Made in Germany
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Architect's Specifications

beyerdynamic-Architects-Specifications-2018-03.zip (1.95 MB)

Planning Aids

Orbis-SU63-PZ-A1.DWG (832.17 KB)

Planning Aids

Orbis-SU63-PZ-A1.DXF (2.02 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Orbis-SU63-PZ-A1_15-06_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_ (7.83 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Orbis-SU63_EN_A2.pdf (1.52 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_OrbisSU_EN_FCC.pdf (88.82 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_OrbisSU_EN_EU.pdf (56.52 KB)


Orbis_Update_1_5_1.zip (4.01 MB)

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