Quinta TB

Wireless Boundary Microphone
  • Boundary microphone as a small meeting solution and for video conferences
  • Different operating modes can be set using the software
  • The button, backlit in three different colours, shows the status of the microphone
  • Operational reliability thanks to triple band
  • Made in Germany

The Quinta CB charger is not included in scope of delivery.

Flexible use and simple handling

The Quinta boundary microphone offers you highest levels of flexibility and reliability – for single user application, in small meeting rooms and huddle rooms or during video conferences. Tried-and-tested Quinta Triple Band technology ensures wireless transmission, and 128-bit encryption and a 24-bit PIN code guarantee protection against eavesdropping.

Boundary microphone

Thanks to its different operation modes, the boundary microphone can be used flexibly for different applications. The Quinta TB has a long operating time, with the microphone offering at least 14 h of constant use. Boundary microphones have the advantage of high sensitivity and prevention of a comb filter effect, thus ensuring consistent sound quality and great freedom of movement.


The Quinta TB takes standard NiMH batteries. A charging dock is available. It requires max. 2 h to charge; alternatively, the microphone can be operated and charged with a power adapter.

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Different operating modes can be set  using the software. In microphone mode the Quinta CU acts as a multi-channel receiver, in which case a maximum of four Quinta TBs can be operated simultaneously. In this mode, the software can be used to connect up to 9 central control units. In conference mode the Quinta TB acts as a delegate microphone unit and can be used for any classical conference application.


The easy-to-feel microphone button made from silicone with tactile feedback and Braille makes the device accessible to all participants.

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The button, backlit in three different colours, shows the status of the microphone and so allows participants to see immediately whether the microphone is on or not. Modes such as global mute, push-to-talk and push-to mute can be operated using the button.

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RFI proof

The microphone is equipped with Scudio technology making it RFI proof so that no mobile phone interference will occur.

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Architect's Specifications

beyerdynamic-Architects-Specifications-2018-03.zip (1.95 MB)

Planning Aids

Quinta-TB-PZ-A1.DWG (510.63 KB)

Planning Aids

Quinta-TB-PZ-A1.DXF (954.52 KB)

Planning Aids

Quinta-TB-PZ-A1.PDF (106.41 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_QuintaTB_EN_EU.pdf (32.45 KB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Quinta-TB_EN_A3.pdf (525.30 KB)

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