Classis RM 31 Q

Vertical microphone array

The Classis s RM 31 Q is a new desktop microphone for round table discussions, podiums, tele/video conferencing, announcements and lecterns. The Revoluto technology with integrated microphone capsules provides a so-called corridor characteristic which ensures a wide range of good voice quality. Within this range up to two speakers can move freely, i.e. they can stand up or sit down, move their head and move towards or away from the microphone. The Classis RM 31 Q is used with the Quinta and Orbis microphone units. The LED ring of the Classis RM 31 Q illuminates red to indicate the ready-to-speak status of the microphone.

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Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)


MAN_Classis-RM30-Classis-RM31_DE-EN-FR_.pdf (791.01 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Classis-RM-31-Q_15-07_INT_PZ_A1.DWG (395.42 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Classis-RM-31-Q_15-07_INT_PZ_A1.DXF (464.69 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Classis-RM-31-Q_15-07_INT_PZ_A1.PDF (89.49 KB)

Info Materials

FLY_Classis-RM31Q_15-02_EN_210x280_View.pdf (1.32 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Classis-RM30-RM31_EN_A5.pdf (688.07 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_RM3x_EN_EU.pdf (31.45 KB)

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