steno-s 4 Court

for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - Enhanced functionality for complex conference situations and for the special needs of the judicial system

Please note that the steno-s foot switch "beyerdynamic STA 44" is no longer available. Instead we recommend to use the foot switch: "Grundig 540 USB".


Please download the latest version of steno-s 4 from here.

The software will work in demo-mode (for testing and presentation).
After purchasing the software you will receive a license-dongle which has to be attached to use the software as a full version.

Upgrades to "steno-s 4 Court":
beyerdynamic offers an upgrade to the latest version "steno-s 4 Court" (Art. No. 724.319) for current steno-s clients. Please ask you local steno-s dealer or contact beyerdynamic directly. 

Product description:
With just one mouse click steno-s will easily record all discussions during your meeting. Before, during and after the recording you can mark important events (e.g. different speakers, agenda items or decisions) and in this way you can structure the course of your meeting. Simply embed used files (such as presentations, tables, pictures) into your recording and store them on a network or storage media. For processing the stored meetings on other PC’s you can use the license-free steno-s player mode. Navigate quickly, precisely, comfortably and efficiently through your recorded meetings.

 steno-s saves your meeting including all details – digital, reliable and safe

 Your advantages at a glance:
-    Future-proof, maintenance-free software solution for recording your meeting.
-    Multi-lingual, intuitive user interface for maximum ease of use.
-    Simultaneous recording of multiple channels.
-    Connection of several MPC 70 USB boundary microphones possible.
-    Import and export of markers and lists of speakers.
-    Allocation of markers with webcam snapshots.
-    Saving of speaker profiles with photos.
-    Embedding of any file (e.g. Excel or PowerPoint).
-    Full text search for prepared and placed markers.
-    Direct scanning of documents via TWAIN-compatible scanner.
-    Connects to beyerdynamic conference systems.
-    Integration of e-government applications (e.g. ALLRIS).
-    Time compression – change of the playback speed without shifting the tone pitch.
-    Read after write – playback of the meeting while recording.
-    Convenient control of the playback via optional USB foot switch. (STA 44 only)
-    Listening into individual tracks for optimal speech intelligibility.
-    Import of meetings of previous steno-s versions (1.x / 2.0 / 3.0)
-    Export of meetings to other storage locations
-    Burning meetings on CD / DVD
-    Export of audio data in WAV-format or WMA-format
-    Free steno-s player mode for the playback of recorded meetings on other PC’s.
-    Licensing via USB dongle for easy installation of backup systems.
-    Without a license dongle steno-s will start in the player mode.
-    Designed for Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Features of steno-s 4 Conference:
-     Session-specific recording of meetings.
-     Recording of up to three audio tracks
(1 x sound card + 2 x MPC 70 USB or 3 x MPC 70 USB).

Features of steno-s 4 Court:
-    Includes all features of steno-s 4 Conference.
-    Recording of meetings depending on the event.
-    Unlimited* number of audio tracks (*depending on the hardware).
-    Integration of session management solutions for the judicial system.


    Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)


    MAN_stenos4_DE_A2.pdf (4.21 MB)

    Spec Sheet

    steno-s4_system_requirements_de.pdf (201.25 KB)


    MAN_stenos4_EN_A2.pdf (4.20 MB)

    Spec Sheet

    steno-s4_system_requirements_en.pdf (197.99 KB)

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