1. Synexis CTH30
    Charging compartment for handheld transmitter
  2. Synexis C30
    Charging & carrying case with 30 slots
  3. Synexis  Command Set, 863/865 MHz
    Command System for effective Training
  4. Synexis TP8
    Beltpack Transmitter
  5. Synexis TS8
    Stationary Transmitter
  6. Synexis TH8
    Handheld Transmitter
  7. Synexis RP8
    Beltpack Receiver
  8. Synexis CHP
    Tabletop Charger with two charging compartments for belt pack transmitters/receivers or handheld transmitter
  9. Synexis C20
    Transport and Charging Case

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