Synexis Command Set, 863/865 MHz

Command System for effective Training

Synexis Command Set consists of:
- 1 x Pocket transmitter (TP 8)

- 1 x Condenser clip-on microphone (TG L55c)

- 1 x Pocket receiver (RP 8)

- 1 x Single Earphone (DT 1 0,9m)

Wherever training topics are to be transmitted, Synexis is your optimal companion: whether in equestrian sport, while rowing or at a training field for dogs, a traffic practice area or when instructing others at large and loud machines. With Synexis as a command system, the instructions of the trainer and experts will be heard even if they are standing further away and all exercises can be performed optimally.


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)

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