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TG 100 Beltpack Set

Wireless system for beginners
  • Professional diversity receiver
  • 10 h Battery Operation
  • Pilot Tone Function
  • Integrated Sound Switch
  • Frequency ranges: Band 1: 174-184 MHz, Band 2: 194-204 MHz, Band 3: 213-223 MHz
The beltpack set includes:
  • TG 100R Diversity Receiver
  • TG 100B Beltpack Transmitter
  • TG H34 Headset
  • Power supply
  • Batteries

TG 100

Wireless system for beginners

The TG 100 is the first entry-level wireless system that includes a pilot tone function which provides a lot of advantages. Speech clarity combined with user-friendly handling and improved protection against interference makes the TG 100 a handy all-round wireless system. Developed for smaller sound installations as well as for ambitious hobby musicians the TG 100 wireless system is equally adept to both speech and singing.


Technical Data

Singing, Speech
Transmission Type
Transducer Type
Polar Pattern Microphone
Microphone Frequency Response
100-16000 Hz
article No.
TG 100 beltpack set -Select-Option


EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_TG100_EN_EU.pdf (685.64 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG-100B-PZ-A1_14-01_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.DWG (648.82 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG-100B-PZ-A1_14-01_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.DXF (1.53 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG-100B-PZ-A1_14-01_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_ (135.45 KB)

Info Materials

Frequenzantrag_Muster_01.pdf (87.80 KB)

Info Materials

FLY_Digitale-Dividende-2_17-04_DE_210x280_View.pdf (1.55 MB)

Info Materials

PLA_WirelessEducation_19-03_A4_EN.pdf (754.74 KB)

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