TG 500B

Beltpack transmitter for wireless system TG 500
  • 120 m range
  • 4 different microphones for speech, singing and instruments available
  • 10 h Battery Operation
  • Battery charging via WA-CD charger possible

Please refer to country regulations before using.


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_TG500B_EN_A3.pdf (507.89 KB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_TG500B_DE_A2.pdf (1.15 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG-500B-PZ-A1_17-11_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.DWG (985.50 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG-500B-PZ-A1_17-11_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.DXF (2.91 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG-500B-PZ-A1_17-11_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_ (205.07 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_TG500_EN_EU.pdf (94.00 KB)

Info Materials

FQ_TG500-Freqlist_EN_V1.pdf (419 KB) (418.82 KB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG500_18-01_EN_System-Design_View.pdf (5.38 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG500_18-01_DE_System-Design_View.pdf (5.38 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG500_18-01_EN_System-Overview_View.pdf (5 MB) (4.54 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_TG500_18-01_DE_Systemuebersicht_View.pdf (4.54 MB)


MAN_TG500_EN_A4.pdf (2.80 MB)

Quick Start Guide

MAN_TG500-QSG_DE-EN-FR-ES-AR_A4.pdf (2.58 MB)

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