TS 910 C

UHF pocket transmitter for Opus 910 wireless systems, plastic housing, with charging contacts
Battery-powered operation possible in conjunction with SLG 900 charger (optional available).

Designed for use either on tour or in fixed installations, the Opus 910 professional UHF wireless system from beyerdynamic offers the highest levels of reliability, audio and transmission quality. 

The TS 910 C pocket transmitter (plastic housing) has been designed for use with a clip-on microphone in the theatre or as a guitar microphone on stage. The 4-pin mini XLR threaded plug can be used to connect either microphones or instruments. The input signal can be optimised using the receiver’s gain control, while the MT/GT setting lets you switch between microphones and instruments: in GT (guitar) mode, the gain control is inactive; in MT mode it is active. Like the handheld transmitters, the pocket transmitters also have a 36 MHz UHF bandwidth. 

The TS 910 C with plastic housing is equipped with an ACT interface to detect the carrier frequency from the receiver and set up the transmitter automatically. All transmitters also have a noiseless on/off switch and LCD showing channel/group and remaining battery capacity. The TS 910 C can be fitted with the optionally available TS 900 AP rechargeable battery pack providing an operating time of over 11 hours. This battery pack can be recharged using the SLG 900 battery charger with two charging compartments. Two 1.5 V AA batteries power the S 910 M for at least 20 hours. 


  • Rugged plastic housing with charging contacts
  • ACT infrared interface for automatic frequency setting
  • 4-pin mini-XLR input connector for connection of microphones and instruments
  • Gain control for input level adjustment
  • Silent On/Off switch
  • Clear LC display indicating group/channel and battery status (5-stage)
  • Operating time > 23 h with 2 x Mignon AA batteries (included)
  • Incl. transport bag


Please refer to country regulations before using.


Architect's Specifications

beyerdynamic-Architects-Specifications-2018-03.zip (1.95 MB)


S910_TS910_BA_D_A1.pdf (370.40 KB)


S910_TS910_BA_USA_A1.pdf (365.03 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_Opus910Transmitters_EN_EU.pdf (694.52 KB)

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