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​​​​​​​Unite Interpreting. 
Because now nothing stands in the way of optimal communication.

The new standard
for interpreting applications

Unite is your modern alternative to infrared interpreting technology, requiring significantly less planning and installation effort. Unite can transmit up to 32 languages in parallel. It is reliable thanks to high operating range, long operating time, noiseless digital transmission and automatic frequency management. With the highest AES 256 bit encryption standard, this digital system is also tap-proof. Unite is your perfect companion for events thanks to its multifunctionality.

Unite vs. Infrared

Unite is ideal for your international events with interpreters. You will have less planning and installation effort than with infrared transmission. Costs for transport, installation and staff for different events will also be under control.

32 Languages

Up to four languages can be transmitted with just one 4-channel Access Point. A total of up to eight Access Points can be synchronised for up to 32 channels.


Thanks to the digital, noise-free transmission, high operating range, long operating time and automatic frequency management, Unite is your reliable interpreting system for events.

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The digital Unite system is tap-proof thanks to AES-256 bit encryption and additional individual encryption.


With whisper interpreting during which the interpreter sits in the audience, the translation is discreetly transmitted to participants by means of Unite. Two interpreters can alternate because a second transmitter can be integrated, configured as sub-master.

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Complete your Unite system very simply with IL200 induction neckloops and make your events accessible for those hard of hearing. The neckloop can be used instead of the headphones, and will inductively transmit the sound directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants. The person hard of hearing can select the language for the assistive listening on the receiver. This makes it easy for you to achieve accessibility for the hard of hearing in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for equal participation in society and the DIN EN 60118-4 standard.

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Use Unite as an interpreting system e.g. for events, meetings, conferences and educational institutions. The versatility of Unite also enables multiple uses, meaning you can run your event using one single system. Use Unite as a wireless microphone, for silent PA, intercom or guided tours.

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Unite means: you can speak to everyone, listen to everyone, and everyone can interact with each other. The potential uses for Unite are correspondingly versatile.


Guided Tours




silent pa





Test Unite

Unite has many different applications.
​​​​​​​Test Unite and experience the benefits of the system yourself.

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