Active directional antenna
  • Frequency range 1.400 - 1.810 MHz
  • Integrated amplifier
  • Dust and splash water protected (IP53)
  • Ideal for wireless system TG 500 frequency range 1.780 - 1.810 MHz

Active Directional Antenna

The active WA-ATDA 1G8 directional antenna is a receiving antenna for indoor or outdoor use. It has a logarithmic periodic dipole field and provides a better reception and suppression of interfering RF signals from the rear than omnidirectional half-wave antennas due to its lobe polar pattern. The antenna operates in the frequency range between 1,400 and 1,810 MHz. It is connected via a BNC socket. Power can be supplied to the antenna either via a supply voltage of 8 – 9 V DC on the antenna cable provided by a receiver or antenna splitter (e.g. TG 500DR or WA-AS4), or via an optional external AC/DC power adapter (WA-PSU 12/1). This way, the WA-ATDA 1G8 can also be used with receivers not providing supply voltage on antenna ports (e.g. TG 500SR). A green LED indicates proper power supply of the antenna. For universal mounting on microphone stands, wall mounts or hanging from a ceiling, the antenna has an integrated swivel adapter and a 5/8 "(or via the supplied adapter 3/8") female thread. For diversity operation two WA-ATDA 1G8 antennas are required.

Technical Data

Singing, Speech, Guitar, String instruments, Wind instruments, PA measurement
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