Reference headphones for control and monitoring purposes (closed)
  • Circumaural headphones perfect for mixdowns, mastering or recording sessions in the studio
  • CUSTOM Sound Slider - interactive headphone with adjustable sound
  • Made in Germany

Custom Studio

CUSTOM Studio is a closed dynamic headphone for studio applications. A special feature of this headphone is the changeable sound which can be selected in four stages from a linear or even analytical sound to rich, vibrant bass via the "CUSTOM Studio Sound Slider". The four sound patterns are specifically tuned for studio applications and meet the high expectations of professional users. 

Maximum Flexibility

Customizable sound and style just got combined with tried and true beyerdynamic qualities. You can replace virtually every part even years after purchase making the CUSTOM Studio a long-term investment. With a wide range of additonally available accessories the CUSTOM Studio ensures maximum flexibility in any concerns.

Sound Slider

The CUSTOM Studio Sound Slider allows the user to select from four different audio profiles via adjustable bass reflex vents in the housing shells. The profiles range in style from "analytical" to "vibrant bass" depending entirely on the user's preferences. Whether for your next mixdown, mastering or recording session CUSTOM Studio is always a perfect combination. 

80 Ohms Drivers

The CUSTOM Studio features our cutting-edge professional 80 Ohms drivers, which are hand-made in Germany. Approved by audio professionals for decades they deliver an extraordinary audio performance - ideal for complex musical arrangements. Extremely quick and precise in its response, these drivers are accurately replaying frequencies anywhere between 5 to 35,000 Hz. 

Ambient Noise Attenuation

The variable noise reduction system makes CUSTOM Studio an ideal tool for recording applications within the studio. As opposed to traditional active noise cancelliing headphones, CUSTOM Studio headphones do not require batteries for the noise reduction system to work. They isolate not only ambient noise coming from the environment, but also prevent annoying spillover effects while recording. 

Made in Germany

Using only the best components available CUSTOM Studio headphones are handcrafted and designed to perform under extreme conditions. Professional studio-drivers, a changeable metal headband, ultra-strong metal yokes and velour ear pads make the CUSTOM Studio a professional headphone you can rely on.

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Technical Data

Operating Principle
Transmission Type
Without Remote
Nominal Impedance Headphones
80 ohms
Weight Headphones incl. Cable / Microphone
430 g
weight headphones without cable
290 g
Headphone frequency response
5 Hz - 35,000 Hz
Nominal sound pressure level
96 dB
Sound Coupling To The Ear
Circumaural (around the ear)
Cable & Plug
Detachable cable – various connectors available
article No.



MAN_Custom_Studio_EN-DE-FR-ES_A2.pdf (835.35 KB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Custom_Studio_EN.pdf (233.94 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_Custom-Game_EN_EU.pdf (66.57 KB)

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