The supreme discipline in beyerdynamic's premium class is known by the name "tesla". Developed in-house, tesla technology represents a milestone in beyerdynamic's innovation history.

Named after the pioneer of alternating current Nikola Tesla, the term tesla is used by experts to refer to the unit of magnetic induction or magnetic flux density in the metre-kilogram-second system (SI) of physical units. The magnetic flux density is important for headphones – it indicates the intensity of the magnetic field (magnetic field strength) in the air gap of the magnetic circuit. Because a magnetic flux density of more than one tesla is achieved in beyerdynamic acoustic transducers, the term tesla technology is used.

tesla products

beyerdynamic uses the term tesla technology generically to refer to a host of measures, which improve the sound and increase the efficiency of the headphones.

Immerse yourself in a world of perfect sound and transform your living room into a private concert hall.

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The tesla acoustic transducer is uncomplicated in design. Only a small number of components have to be assembled, thus resulting in minimum tolerances. The construction consistently follows the laws of physics.


The multilayer sandwich membrane material combines high rigidity and low weight, delivering advantages such as ultra-deep bass and crystal clear highs.

magnetic field

Maximum magnetic field focusing in the air gap – the strong tesla magnetic field is located within the acoustic transducer (concentrated in the air gap). The external scattered magnetic field is extremely small in order to minimise losses.

The magnetic "drive" of a tesla headphone is twice as efficient as the drive in conventional models.

precision fabric

A precision fabric is used instead of standard non-woven material in order to create precisely defined flow conditions for the moving air masses. This optimises the frequency and phase response.

full metal housing

The voice coil in the Tesla acoustic transducer is shielded by the full metal housing to protect against electromagnetic fields.

the right impedance

Not only can the efficient tesla acoustic transducers be used for exceptionally precise and richly detailed sound, their high efficiency also benefits low-output mobile players. Various impedances are therefore offered: 32, 250 and 600 ohms.

Our tip:

Use the standard variant (250 ohms) to savour the sound at home on your system. The 600 ohm models are ideal to enjoy music over longer periods with a headphone amplifier. Meanwhile, if you want to connect your headphones to small appliances when on the move too, then the 32 ohm variant is the perfect choice.